“What’s an Australian kiss?” and 5 other sexual terms you should know

It’s not like having sex is an exam of checking your theoretical knowledge. But let’s be honest, you’d feel a little embarrassed if your partner would ask you to give her an Australian kiss and you wouldn’t know what it is.

Check out some of the newest sexual terms you need to know to show off your sexual knowledge both in bed and outside.

Australian kiss, also Aussi kiss

Do you wonder what’s an Australian kiss in sexual terms? As many sources claim, this is a French kiss, but “down under”. In other words, giving someone (mostly a girl) oral sex.

Banana juice

It may sound innocent but it’s actually kind of humdrum. Banana juice refers to a man’s ejaculate.

Toss salad

Usually used in a sentence as to toss someone’s salad. Basically, it means the same as ‘rimming’ or ‘anilingus’. So as you already realized, it’s the process of licking someone’s anus.


Usually understood as ‘nude magazines’ it’s actually may be any kind of pornographic reading (or not just reading) material.

Pearl necklace

It sounds really beautiful and probably that’s why this term was taken to describe a situation when a man ejaculates somewhere around or near woman’s neck, so it actually looks kind of like a ‘pearl necklace’.

High dive

High diving happens when a man put his erect penis all way out and then penetrates his partner in one swoop. To perform this one you’ll need to make sure that your partner is well lubricated.

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